Finally a BB Crème for Women with Skin of Color! IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 is the ultimate "beauty balm", skin care and color all in one. With a unique blend of Skin Tone Evener Complex, SPF, essential botanical extracts and multi vitamins, it evens out discoloration, hydrates and protects your complexion in one step. In a gorgeous range of six semi-sheer colors that compliment your complexion undetectably. With or without makeup, it's the must-have product for all seasons, all ages, all skin types and skin tones.
  • Evens with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched
    with Acai, Licorice & Grape Seed
  • Protects with SPF 15 & antioxidants
  • Hydrates with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and
    Vitamins A, E & C
  • Paraben-Free
  • Compliments your skin tone with a hint of color in
    5 perfect-match shades
  • Not recommended for acne prone skin
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IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 FAQ

What kind of coverage is the BB Crème?

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 offers a light, semi-sheer veil of coverage.

When will it be available to purchase?

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 can be pre-ordered on mid December 2012, purchased at select Walgreen's early January 2013 and will be available in all IMAN Cosmetics locations starting by early March 2013.

What is the price point?

Suggested Retail is $20 US.

Does it cater to sensitive/problematic skin?

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 addresses common skin concerns like hyperpigmentation (discoloration & uneven skin tone) and dehydration with botanicals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It is Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Sensitivity tested for ALL skin types.

Will it be available in the Carribean, Africa, Europe and Canada?

Yes. Look for the 2013 International launch dates which will be announced on

How do I know which shade I am, out of the six?

Consult the IMAN Cosmetics Find Your Shade Guide for the perfect shade for your complexion.

Is the BB Creme okay for oily skin?

Yes, IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 is formulated for ALL skin types including oily skin. It contains essential oil from plant extracts which naturally provide hydration for the skin with NO mineral oils. It doesn't clog your pores and it absorbs into skin with no oily feel or shiny residue. 

What are the long term benefits to the BB Crème?

With regular use, IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 helps promote a more balanced/even complexion, healthier skin tone and texture, increased hydration and protection from sun and environmental damage.

Is it necessary to wear foundation and/or concealer if I am wearing the BB Crème?

IMAN Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 can be worn alone for a natural finish. It gives a light coverage and encourages an even tone with daily use. But for spot coverage of discolorations like under-eye circles or dark blemishes, IMAN foundations and concealers can be applied after BB Crème for instant  concealing while BB Crème is helping to even out the complexion underneath.

Is the BB Crème okay for dry skin?

Yes, BB Crème is enriched with moisturizing botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants that hydrate ALL skin types. For extremely dry skin, IMAN All Day Moisture Complex can be used prior to applying BB Crème for added moisture. 

What is a BB Crème?

BB Crème stands for Beauty Balm (sometimes described as "blemish balm"). It is a multi-functioning beauty product that combines skin care with color for a two-in-one benefit of tint and treatment.