The Ultimate Beauty Guide for Skin of Color

“Fun and flirty, with a confidnetial, insider feel, this combination of celebrity and self-improvement, capped with artistic porraits of women famous and not, indicate another success for Iman.” - Publishers Weekly

In an era when the face of beauty has changed and the most celebrated women in Hollywood include stars such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Lucy Liu world-renowned supermodel and cosmetics entrepreneur Iman delivers a new approach to global makeup and skin care. With The Beauty of Color, she revolutionizes the way women with skin of color can think about beauty. Iman resists categorizing people according only to ethnicity, and offers the first beauty and makeup book to truly address skin tones from across the spectrum Latina, Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern, as well as multiple ethnicities.

Inspire by her two illustrious careers first as a world-class supermodel adn then as founder and CEO of IMAN Cosmetics, one of the top cosmetic lines in the world. Iman is singularly aware of the difficulties women with skin of color have with makeup and skin care. Her company offers women choices that they have never had, whatever their skin tone.

“The world’s most unforgettable beauties are often women who fall outside of the narrow definition of trying to conform to a ”type.” These women make a journey into discovering who they are and embrace the very traits that set them apart. Their beauty is a glorious reflection of being comfortable in their own skin.”

- Salma Hayek